Monday, September 17, 2012

Seasons Change

I'm just wondering where the time went and how its been a month since my last post? :) The summer seems to have flown by, at least the time the kids had out of school. Living in the desert wasteland as we do, summer will continue for us until about Halloween. I had so many (creative) plans for the summer on my schedule and not half of them were completed or even attempted! Oh well, on to the next chapter, I have pages of ideas for the fall!

School is in session and as soon as I can stop crying after I drop her off and come home, I'll start some sewing projects. :) I kid! I stopped crying after the first week. Seriously, I was not ready for Kindergarten. I was surprised at myself because I've never been that mom that gets sad at the milestones. I didn't cry when she started walking and the "baby" phase was officially ending, I delighted in her new ability. All those little things that change them from baby to toddler, toddler to preschooler, I was excited and thrilled with those little changes. Kindergarten is different, it changes everything and selfishly it feels like it pulls her away from me a little. Which I know is healthy and part of her growing up, but I didn't expect it to be so painful. And I know that I will come to love this stage too, but this milestone has been hard. She's been great, she loves her school, she's made friends and her teacher really is fabulous. I, on the other hand have been secretly wishing that homeschooling really was the best option for her. :) I never experienced this feeling with my bonus son, oh there was that bittersweet "he's not a baby anymore" feeling when his face started to lose that "toddler" look and changed into "boy." But it was always mostly the excited "look what he can do now oh my gosh he is so amazing" feeling. Of course, since I became part of his and his Dad's family he's always been back and forth between his home with mom and his home with us so there is a bit of a difference there. In the situation, not in the love. :)  So I was completely unprepared for the dread I felt as Kindergarten approached. we're two weeks in and beginning our third, she couldn't be more thrilled about it. Weekends are a bit of a bummer to her with no school and all. :) And after several conversations and emails (oh yeah, I'm that mom) with her teacher, seeing the way she interacts with the kids on the playground and hearing all about her from my girl, I believe that this teacher is exactly who my girl needs and is the best teacher for her entry into school. I wonder if my feelings are mostly just selfish, because she is so independent and thanks to the hysterectomy last summer, we're pretty much not having more babies around here. So I'm not actually needed 24/7 anymore. Oh, she's only 5, I'm still needed 21/7 but its all changing; my role, the kids and I just don't feel ready for the change. :)  The funny thing is that I know, this next phase is going to me amazing. Everytime we step into a new phase I think "this was the best time in our lives and I will always look back on this time as my favourite" then the next phase is even better! :)

Remember the 100 Book Challenge at the beginning of the summer? Well we finished it! She did indeed read 100 books! Big thank yous to Jenn from Rook No. 17 for introducing us to the BOB books. Those were fabulous, just the right size for a new reader, "The Sad Cat" is her absolute favorite. (And he ends up happy, so its all good.) My girl was so, completely pleased with herself that she has requested we never, ever take down our chart. :)

Have you checked out the September project over at Hopeful Threads? This month we are making e-reader covers and/or pillowcases for troops deployed in Afghanistan. This one is close to my heart being raised a Navy BRAT. :) I'm working on my contribution and I hope you'll think about joining in too!

I have so many ideas for new projects, I hope you'll come back and see me again!

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  1. I feel you on the kindergarten thing. I look at mien every day and am so confused...happy she is growing up but wanting to keep her with me. Being a mom is hard work!