Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stockings of Cheer!

My poor, lonely blog has been sitting neglected for far too long. Life got in the way of my blog, which I suppose is much better than my blog getting in the way of life. :) Ironically, I've been sewing and painting and have several projects that I am so excited to share. Just not enough time to write the posts.

I'm jumping into November with a project from Hopeful Threads. I'd love you to join me in making Christmas stockings for children in the hospital at Christmas. Check out Kristy's post for all the details and join in! I've made 2 stockings and have 4 more cut and ready to sew. I had a hard time finding just what I wanted in the overall shape of the stocking and was about to draft my own pattern and then I stumbled on a lovely tutorial for curly-toed stockings from Sew4Home. It had everything I wanted so I used their pattern. Super cute and I whipped these up in an hour, including the time I spent cutting out and fishing scrap fabric out of my dog's mouth.  Here's what I've got so far. . .

I love the whimsical feel of the curled toe, and the court-jester feel of the cuff. They turned out just the way I hoped that they would and I am delighted with them.

Head on over to Hopeful Threads and get all the details on this month's project. Then check back with me in the next few days. . .I have so much to share!!


  1. I love them, Amy!!! ... the shape, the fabric and the zig zag cuff.

  2. These look fun and whimsical! I wish I knew how to sew! :)