A Fairy Village

I did kind of a silly thing. It was one of those things that seemed harmless, at first.

I introduced my daughter to Pinterest. Yes. My daughter, the one with big ideas already. To Pinterest. No obviously, I didn’t (and don’t) just let her loose. But one night while we were watching tv, I hopped on to Pinterest and she asked what I was doing. She snuggled up and we looked together. She was hooked. She’s often asking if we can look at projects on Pinterest. I have, more than once, found her playing in her kitchen in the playroom, working on a recipe she “found on Pinterest.” Yeah, its bad. 🙂

So one day, we cam across some beautiful fairy houses and villages. I’m sure you’ve seen them, there are such beautiful, organic, creations. This happened to be in the middle of Spring Break, we’d spend the previous 3 days at home. Sick. Strep Throat. Blech. So she was feeling (kinda) good, very restless and in need of a project. You know what’s coming, right?

Our fairy village is not quite as organic as the ones I admired on Pinterest. My daughter likes bright, happy colors. I tried to lead her down the earth-tone paints with no success. She pointed out that, as we live in the desert its pretty much all earth-toned in our backyard and fairies would want something bright and happy. 

We cheated a little and didn’t make our own houses out of things found in nature, the way you’re supposed to. We went to the craft store and bought birdhouses. 🙂 We spread out on the table and had some fun!

As you can see, we spared no expense at the craft store. No miniature  $1 bird houses for her. 🙂 Thank goodness for my 40% coupon! We also picked up some teeny-tiny terra-cotta pots, a little wooden pinwheel, the sign and some miniature picket fences. We made a mess, sipped on smoothies and had a blast!

She loved the idea of the heart-shaped door. Although she insists this house is for the butterflies. 🙂

We used q-tips, dipped in paint to make the flowers on the roof of our fairy duplex.

We used decorative glass stones we found in my craft stash for the sidewalks of our village. Fairies do not like to walk on boring, old rocks, you know.

This was such a fun and easy project. Just perfect for an afternoon with your daughter! 

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