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Amy Profile PicHi! My name is Amy, thank you for visiting and welcome to my little blog!

I am a wife, to a wonderful man, my very best friend whom I adore and want to bean over the head with a frying pan only occasionally. 😉 My 8-year old bonus-son and 4-year old daughter are the sunshine in my life and I am so grateful that I am able to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom for them. I tend to express my affection for people through cooking and doing things for them so me being a SAHM pretty much works out well for all of us.:)

BK (Before Kids) I worked out of the house full-time. I enjoyed the people I worked with, but never had a passion for my career and always envied people who did. I found that passion when I stayed home with my daughter. I love making dinners from scratch, baking bread, making jam, being there for every little moment with the family, playing and doing crafts together. I even enjoy cleaning on occasion!! lol I appreciate the fact that although we do make some sacrifices so that I can be home, I’m very fortunate that I can. That being said, I learned after the first year that I was losing “me” in the whole mom/wife/homemaker gig. I loved it but I needed a little something just for me, a creative outlet. So I started sewing. I’d always sewn (simple) things for the home. Basic curtain panels, throw pillow covers only things with straight lines!! I sewed my daughters bedding for her crib when she was born (and had to pass of the heart-shaped throw pillows and diaper hanger to my mil who is much more experienced!) But I was always interested in clothing design, garment construction and I wanted to sew clothes. I read books from the library, articles online and started with a pillowcase dress for my 18 month old. I was delighted and totally hooked. Overwhelmed by traditional patterns, I stumbled upon online patterns made my  moms, specifically Carla The Scientific Seamstress. I learned so much about construction and dress-making from her patterns. I braved my first store-bought pattern and eventually began creating my own! I learned that while I love to sew and make things for my family or as gifts, I get tense, worried and crazy when I try to sew for profit! I am a goober!

I’ve toyed with the idea of a blog for more than a year and kept finding reasons why I couldn’t do it; there are already so many out there, what makes my ideas so special, would anyone even read it? And then I realized that I am doing the blog for me, as another creative outlet. I love to share ideas, be inspired and inspire others and a blog is a wonderful way to share. I’ve been inspired by blogs for a couple years now and I am ready to join in the fun!

My life isn’t perfect, my crafting and sewing isn’t mistake-free. I’m not blogging because I think I’m perfect and want to share my perfection with the world. My ideas don’t always work, sometimes things look better in my head then they do created. I’ve learned to laugh at the fails and try something else. I want to foster a creative environment for my kids, so they are encouraged to work with me on many projects. I see cherished memories in the imperfections created by little helping hands and am learning that perfection isn’t the goal, its the journey we take when we choose to create!

I hope you enjoy my blog! I’d love to hear from you too! I promise to respond to comments and love to hear about your creative journey as well!!

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