How to make baby hair grow -10 Tips for Baby Hair Growth

Children and babies are a little creature of nature. Every parent wants their baby to look adorable. Though, being parents may you wish to have your baby hair grow quickly and beautifully? Because beautiful long hair makes little angels more adorable.
That’s why here, we are going to cover some fabulous tips which help your little one hair grow quickly and beautifully. But these tips are recommended to use for kids who are of six months or older. But if your little one is younger than six months, then may all these tips will not best to use on them.

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Best methods to grow your baby hair

  1. Oil massage

    Select the best baby hair oil for hair growth and keep giving massage on your kid’s scalp with it. It will increase the healthy blood circulation in your kid’s head.

  2. Coconut oil

    Coconut oil is good to use as a baby hair growth oil. It contains vitamin C, vitamin B, iron as well as vitamin E. Coconut oil helps out to grow healthy hair in child’s and prevent hair fall in them; keep giving massage on your kid’s scalp using coconut oil. Then leave it for about thirty minutes for perfect results. Wash their hair with good shampoo after applying that.

  3. Aloe Vera

    If you are looking for the healthy growth of your baby hair, then aloe vera can be a great option. Aloe vera oil has a sufficient amount of vitamin E, C, and A. These vitamins help out to maintain the pH of kid’s hair. At the same time these vitamins also prevent hair fall. Apply aloe vera oil on your baby scalp and leave it for some time. Then wash it using a good kid’s shampoo.

  4. Gelatin

    Gelatin is an essential form of amino acids for both adults and kids. As infants can only consume milk, so it is difficult to include these amino acids in kid’s diet. The amino acid can promote hair growth. Mix the gelatin powder teaspoon with the teaspoon of hot water, cold water, apple cider winger, or hot water. Then massage it into the scalp of your infant, leave it for some and then wash with the shampoo.

  5. Dairy product

    No matter your baby is on solid food or breast food, these products can help your kids with hair growth. If your baby feeds your breast milk, then you can consume itself, then it will share with your baby with your breast milk. But if your baby is on the solids, then you can provide it by adding cheese, yogurt, etc. in their meals.

  6. Haircuts

    Being parents, the first haircut of their kids is a memorable moment of life. Normally, the first hair of the baby is safe in the box for preservation. Though if your kid has a problem with hair loss, then a small trim can be useful for hair growth.

  7. Use the quality shampoo

    It is difficult to choose any one baby shampoo from so many types of baby shampoo available in the market. Then how can you know which one will suit your baby, or which one will work best for the healthy hair and skin? Choose the baby shampoo, which has a very less detergent amount, and it is 100 % natural. The lesser chemicals your baby shampoo has, the better it will work for your baby hair and skin health.

  8. Argan oil

    Its popularity is increasing from many years. It is very beneficial for hair growth due to which many hair salons offer many products that have argan oil. Argon oil is useful for kids as it is for adults. It moisturizes the scalp to enhance the growth of thick, healthy, and silky hair.

  9. Healthy eating

    When your baby begins eating solid food or semi-solid food, it is essential to include nutritious food in their diet as much as possible. Vitamin D helps out in the growth of hair; therefore, you can provide them vegetables like sweet potato and pumpkin for kick start growth.

  10. Remove dry scalp

    Natural oils help to get the root of the hair loss problem among babies. Because most of the time, babies have the problem of cradle cap due to which they can experience hair loss problems. Formulated baby oil, which made up of natural ingredients, can buy, and even you can add castor oil to increase your baby hair growth.

Extra tips to look over for baby hair growth

• If your little one has the cradle cap, then brush it daily at the time of shampooing your baby hair. Use the soft hairbrush to massage your baby hair gently.

• Make a feeding schedule for your baby in which add all essential vitamins and minerals for your baby healthy hair growth. Thiamine or vitamin B-1 or B-7, biotin, is crucial for baby hair growth. What’s more, you can also add vitamin A to your kid’s diet; it also promotes hair growth.

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